Japanese Yen Price Forecast: USD/JPY Topside Breakout Could Extend Further

Japanese Yen Price Forecast

Japanese Yen Price Forecast, The Japanese Yen has been a rather frustrating pair to watch due to its tendency to trade in a sideways manner since the invasion of Ukraine. Typically; in times of geopolitical uncertainty, the Japanese Yen appreciates in line with its ‘safe-haven’ appeal, but not this time.

Japanese Yen crosses have largely benefitted from a recent depreciation; in the Asian currency; as it sees its trade balance continue to struggle. The value of Japanese imports have outpaced exports since August last year apart from November when; it temporarily recovered above zero.

Chart: Japanese Trade Balance Showing Downward Trend Since Nov ’21 Peak

Japanese Yen Price Forecast

With Japan importing around 80% of its oil consumption, rising oil costs will; further elevate import costs, placing downward pressure on the Yen. Contrast that with a US dollar which is actually receiving a safe-haven bid and has remained elevated ever since the FOMC started talking up the probability of a March 2022 rate hike in response to multi-decade inflation.


Japanese Yen Price Forecast, The economic calendar is stacked with; high importance, scheduled risk events next week with the Federal Reserve and Bank of Japan (BoJ) interest rate decisions. It is also worth mentioning that the Bank of England also has its rate setting meeting should there be any spillover effects, however, this seems unlikely but nonetheless something to keep tabs on.

Rates markets currently anticipate a 95% chance of a single 25 basis point; hike from the Federal Reserve Bank with a 5% outside chance of a 50 basis point hike. Prior to the invasion of Ukraine, bullish Fed officials advocated for a 50 basis point hike but such rhetoric has calmed significantly since Russia’s military aggression and subsequent oil price volatility.

Japanese Yen Price Forecast

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Japanese Yen Price Forecast, USD/JPY KEY TECHNICAL LEVELS

The recent topside breakout in USD/JPY could have some to gallop as the US dollar remains well supported amidst the ongoing conflict and the Yen continues to depreciate. Additionally, Japan won’t be hiking rates anytime soon due to inflation being nowhere near the 2% target although, the Japanese economy could make great strides towards the target in the coming months should oil prices remain elevated. Therefore, the dollar could rise further against the Yen.

The daily chart shows the strong triangle breakout to the upside. Further bullish price action would bring the 117.95 and 118.00 levels into focus as resistance (trendline resistance) and 118.60 (2017 yearly high) thereafter. Oversold conditions on the RSI saw a sizeable pullback at the start of this year, however, the indicator has not yet risen to such levels meaning there may still be some room to the upside before a reasonable pullback could appear.

It is essential to consider that the current uncertainty around; the Ukraine conflict means that market sentiment can change; with little or no notice. Any positive diplomatic development could; deflate the recent dollar strength which could see a dip towards the 116.36 level; rendering the latest move a false breakout.


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