Review and analysis of gbpjpy on 2022/7/10 at different times


Will gbpjpy fall or will it rise:We analyze the gbpjpy signal at different times.We analyze the gbpjpy signal at different times. We analyze it with all analytical tools and enter the most appropriate price.

Investigation and forecasting of gbpjpy analysis in 1 hour time.

  • Analysis based on Price Action, Elliott and Kendall Stick
  • Review of analysis on

    Review analysis based on price action
analysis of gbpjpy

In this analysis, gbpjpy is in a downward trend.
in a resistance line that has hit it three times, and hit this trend line every time
500 pips have fallen and it is a strong resistance line.
It is good to sell when the market opens on Monday.
In the 1-hour time period, it hit the price of 163.90 for the second time, which indicated the formation of a double ceiling pattern.

Check the analysis of gbpjpy in 30 minutes

analysis of gbpjpy

In this gbpjpy analysis, no sell signal has been given yet in 30 minutes.
In the analysis, it is in a downward trend line, which has left the upward trend line of the previous wave, which is also strong, and has entered the downward trend line, but in the downward trend, the price has not yet reached the downward trend line, this can be a money back. level and rise, you should wait until the price reaches 163.45 below that downward trend line and enter the sale. But in the picture it is clear that it has reached a very good ceiling.

Review of gbpjpy analysis based on RSI

analysis of gbpjpy

The RSI indicator is the most powerful indicator in my opinion, and you can get very good signals from it and make a profit.
In the picture, it is clear that there is a double ceiling in the chart and it has formed a downward trend line in the rsi. As indicated above, we have to wait until it reaches our suitable price of 163.50 to enter to sell.

. Don’t forget about stop-loss.

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P.S. I personally will open entry if the price will show it according to my strategy.
Always make your analysis before a trade

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